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Sep 12, 2019

Are you aware of the importance that content creation has in digital marketing? Though creating organic content takes time and doesn’t get the instant gratification that ad spend does, it’s one of the best ways to deliver value to your customers. Here to chat with us today about digital marketing is Aaron Agius of Louder.Online.

12 years ago, Aaron was on an extended vacation in Thailand with his girlfriend (now wife). They realized they wanted to be able to travel and work remotely—for life. Neither were happy in the industries they worked in, so they did some research and scouted out options. shortly thereafter, they dove into the world of affiliate and digital marketing. Now they consult for other businesses, helping them reach the same success they found. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:45] I introduce Aaron Agius of Louder.Online
  • [3:45] How Aaron started in the digital marketing world
  • [6:30] SEO and affiliate marketing
  • [8:40] Understanding what people actually want
  • [10:20] How to craft great content
  • [14:50] Insight behind people taking action
  • [17:00] Email marketing is NOT dead!
  • [21:40] Meticulously plan out your content strategy

Affiliate marketing is a great starting point

Aaron started in the digital marketing world with affiliate marketing (Dean agrees, if you’re just getting started, affiliate marketing is the way to go). After 4 months of hard work and dedication, they made their first sale: a whopping 4 cents. But the next day, they made $400. For years, they traveled the world and continued to do affiliate marketing. 

Then, people took note of their success and started reaching out, asking them to consult and help scale their businesses.

So Aaron and his partner made the shift into consulting for clients around the world. They specialize in content and social marketing—truly embracing search engine optimization (SEO). The great thing about SEO is that if you have ZERO money for marketing, you just need to invest your time and craft great content. 

How to craft really valuable content

The best way to write content that gets readers on your site is to understand what they’re searching for. Put yourself in the mind of your customer. What questions are they asking? What answers are they looking for? You need to provide content that speaks to the problems people are trying to solve.

Above all, become consistent at providing value.

With this in mind, also remember that you need a clear content strategy. If you’re answering a particular question, decide what the goal of your piece is. Is it cornerstone content that will link to another article? Will there be a call to action in it? OR is the goal to have the reader opt-in to an email subscription? Be clear about your goals while providing the answers people search for. 

Want more insight into content strategy and getting customers to take action? Keep listening!

Email marketing is NOT dead!

Email marketing is a channel that gives you one of the highest returns on your investment. Many digital outlets claim that email marketing is a dying strategy—but don’t believe everything you read online. Aaron has access to analytics for all of his clients, so he sees its success on a daily basis. 

Email marketing ranks even higher than organic search. 

Aaron notes that while they do not specifically offer the service, they help their clients tie it into their content and guide their approach. Most people who are part of the email subscription database are loyal customers. They read the emails, click on the links and call to actions, and make purchases. Why not take advantage of the valuable tool it is? 

Content creation remains a core strategy for success

In the digital marketing world, we are often asked if there’s anything shiny and new being offered. What is the most popular platform or new toy that can be tested? The simple answer—that people may not want to hear—is that the same things we’ve always done are still working. The same fundamental platforms are still the best route to take. 

Channels and platforms come and go: providing value to humans will always remain.

The conversation always comes back to what are you doing to provide ongoing value to your tribe? Aaron points out that it’s important to meticulously plan out the content strategy for your website. You need to give yourselves a structure and know where things will fit. Want to hear more about content strategy? Listen to the whole episode of Just the Tips now!

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