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Mar 5, 2020

Are you having a difficult time finding the right customers? Do you end up selling to the wrong crowd? Today’s guest offers a new tip for all entrepreneurs so you can start getting that return on your investment of time.

From only having $600 in his bank account to generating over $100 million in sales in 9 years, Rylee Meek has turned dinner seminar marketing into a science. He is the founder and CEO of the Social Dynamic Selling System. After he was introduced to a new concept of selling, he perfected his model and is now sharing his knowledge to help you reach your revenue goals.

In today’s episode, Rylee shares his remarkable breakthrough from sleeping on his sister’s couch after an investment went south to making $2.1 million in sales within six months. He explains how a dinner seminar is one way to attract potential clients where you end up with the ones best fit for your business.


Money isn’t everything until you don’t have enough of it, then it becomes everything and it consumes you. – Rylee Meek


Outline of This Episode


- [03:09] The event that changed his life


- [06:36] A different concept of selling to customers


- [14:21] Why conducting dinner seminars is effective in closing clients


- [19:58] What happens during a dinner seminar


- [26:00] Benchmark conversion rates from the dinner seminar


Why it is strategic to host a dinner seminar

Rylee mentions the corndog analogy, where you fish using corn dogs. Corn dogs cannot sustain a fish in the wild, but when you put a corn dog on the hook, the fish will still eat it. Once you’ve gotten the fish, that is when you develop the fish and nurture it.

With this analogy, getting as many people as possible in one dinner seminar is the key. After you have presented your product or service, you can weed out and catch the right clients that will be the best fit.


What transpires during a dinner seminar

What happens during the dinner seminar depends on the goal of the one conducting it. There might be presentations, PowerPoints, and videos shown. You take your guests on an emotional journey where you can solve their problems.

You build rapport as people start coming in, get a presentation going after the dinner has been ordered, and end the dinner with a question and answer portion. You have to let your personality shine through during the seminar to attract the right people.


Conversion rates of guests becoming clients

The conversion rate between the percentage of people invited to the percentage of deals closed after the event varies upon the product or service being offered. The numbers will always fluctuate, but you just have to trust the process.

If the product or service targets individual needs, then that would lead to a higher percentage of closed deals in comparison to where the market is for families considering that some guests attend the seminar as couples.


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