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Mar 19, 2020

Today’s guest has come full circle, from selling Mexican candies to connecting people to entrepreneurs with global resources.  He is the founder of the Internet Marketing Party, which hosts insider events where one can discover how to double their business while having a cocktail or two.

David Gonzalez identifies himself as someone who is entrepreneurial. He works best with people who are already established in their niche of business.

In today’s episode, David joins James and Dean as they sit down and talk about several tips for establishing connections, strengthening those connections, and using them for the improvement of your own business.


Don’t think that you have to be a networker or connector to build relationships, you only have to be nice and complimentary. - David Gonzalez


Outline of This Episode


- [04:26] Establishing the difference between a true entrepreneur and being entrepreneurial


- [11:37] How David became a super-connector


- [21:57] The things that people get wrong when it comes to creating business relationships


- [25:51] The first step in forming a relationship


- [27:20] David’s FORD method for making connections


How David made a career out of connecting people

After a lot of self-reflection, David believes that he is entrepreneurial and not a true entrepreneur. Knowing that he is good at making connections, he made a company that focuses on people getting connected with the right resources for them to double their business.

He started out making connections with people he didn’t need or want anything from. He then partnered with an integrator that was able to help him out by giving in-depth information about operations.


Two big mistakes that people make when trying to create a business relationship

The top two errors that most entrepreneurs make when they try to establish a relationship are understanding and curation.

What business people need to recognize is that one should understand their audience. It is vital to know people’s interests, what drives them, and how they are wired. Also, it is necessary to talk about their interests or to connect them with the right people to further such pursuits.


Why it’s important to have a genuine curiosity about the people you’re interested in

If you want to start a relationship, do not ask them what they do. Instead, ask them through the FORD method where questions revolve around Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams.

David shares that he uses a particular framework to determine whether there’s good chemistry between him and the person he wants to create a relationship with. And if there’s no chemistry, he considers whether they’re a good match for someone in his network.


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