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Feb 13, 2020

Have you ever seen something at a store, thought about buying it, but ended up leaving with nothing? There are a few factors that come into play when we’re making purchasing decisions. For example, we might not buy if the salesperson doesn’t explain the product clearly, or the packaging isn’t appealing enough.

Today’s episode is inspired by a meeting with a client who was wondering how to improve customer experiences. Having the idea of what makes people buy your product or service will greatly improve your business. 

James and Dean both share their knowledge, expertise, and tips on how you can improve your customers’ experiences and get on the road to success. You won’t just have items flying off your shelves, but you’ll be able to retain customers and keep them coming back for more.


Stop being afraid of talking with your customers. You’re in a relationship with them where they’re paying you money in exchange for value. Find out what they value. – James P. Friel


Outline of This Episode


- [03:47] How to deliberately create a customer experience


- [08:50] Why the whole experience matters


- [11:25] What is customer journey mapping?


- [21:46] How to stand out from all the other businesses


- [27:22] Dean’s tips to getting customers hooked


Why you should create a great customer experience

Customer experience is the result of the interaction a customer has with a business or brand. It is always present whether a customer purchases an item or not. Sometimes, it may not be deliberate. It’s important to be deliberate and intentional when it matters most.

The way to plan deliberate experiences is to show that you care about your customers and establish an experience that surprises and pleases them. The more value that you add during your delivery, the more likely people are going to repurchase and recommend you to others.


What is customer journey mapping?

There is a 3 step-journey that a customer goes through when interacting with a business. It is a process, starting from when they decide to choose to buy from you, the actual purchase, and thereafter the consumption of the item or service.

James shares his training video on how to properly map your customer journey and how you can effectively implement it in your business.


The importance of talking to your customers

Having conversations with your customers will not only lead you to create rapport with them, but it also gives you the advantage of knowing what they like and want. When you talk with them, you find out what they value.

Once you know what they value, it will be easier for you to improve your business and stand out among the other businesses that might be similar.


Resources Mentioned


- Customer Journey Mapping -


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