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Jan 9, 2020

Have you ever tried selling a product to someone face to face? Almost half the time, that person will most likely buy or at least be interested in whatever you’re trying to sell to him. But with the technology that we have today, most businesses have gone through the automated route and are sending out texts or emails to potential customers.

Steve Pacinelli talks about the impact of making and sending videos to your potential clients. He discusses the importance of the making, timing, and overall concept of videos and why it is more advantageous to your business.

Steve is a passionate storyteller by nature, who measures his success by helping people reach their potential. He is the chief marketing officer of BombBomb and co-authored a definitive guide to better business communication, Rehumanize Your Business.




- Stories are the Trojan horse into someone’s highly fortified mind. – Steve Pacinelli


- Storytelling is woven into the fabric of the human being. – Steve Pacinelli


Outline of This Episode


- [04:48] Why Facebook ads did not work in closing sales


- [10:33] The shinier something is, the less authentic it feels


- [14:51] Why video beats text


- [18:47] Different situations where you can send a video


- [19:54] The reason why you should get over your fear of making a video


- [28:10] Grab the Book at BombBomb


When video beats text

Steve mentioned that it is harder for people to say no to a smiling face as compared to saying no on a screen. During personal encounters, when people are left to decide, they are more likely inclined to not say no. As opposed to reading an email on their computers or phones which can make the connection a little less particular and will get them to say no easily.

When you send a video and your client knows that it was made specifically for them, they recognize the effort. When you take the time to make a personalized video, it shows people that you are putting in the time and energy to reach out and that creates a different impact.


Video communication

Making videos may be done either for leads that may have gone cold or for other reasons where you would like to establish a connection with a potential client. Videos can be used to relay your message, create trust, and build rapport.

If you’re trying to build that trust or create a connection, doing a video will be more effective as compared to sending a text or email. The latter may seem too generic and indifferent while sending a video will give a tailored touch.


Getting over your fear of video

The primary reason why most people do not make videos is that they hold themselves back. They stress too much on their physical appearance which ultimately holds them back from creating videos.

Steve emphasizes that every time you choose not to send a video, you are saying no to a face to face meeting. But you should get over your own fear and look at the situation where you are going to benefit on the other end because the only person that cares what you look like is you.


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